OCT 15-17, 2018 National Exhibition and Convention Center



The 2022 Beijing auto show will use the new and old pavilions of Beijing China International Exhibition Center. The new pavilion of China International Exhibition Center mainly displays passenger cars and commercial vehicles at home and abroad; The old Pavilion of China International Exhibition Center mainly displays domestic and foreign auto parts and related products, and a special pavilion is set up in the old pavilion to hold the "Fourth Beijing international new energy automobile exhibition", which specially displays the new products of domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers in the design and manufacture of new energy vehicles.
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  • 150000150,000 Exhibition Area
  • 20002,000 Exhibitors
  • 100000100,000 Visitors


We sincerely invite the global automobile and related industries to actively participate in the 2022 Beijing auto show, display innovative achievements, share the latest technology, widely communicate and cooperate, and deal with opportunities and challenges on the vibrant and charming Beijing auto show stage. At the same time, we sincerely welcome Chinese and foreign media and all sectors of society to continue to pay attention to 2022 Beijing auto show, a grand event of the global auto industry.
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Beijing auto show has become an international top auto show actively participated by global auto manufacturers, highly concerned by all sectors of society and with extensive international influence. It is an important biennial exhibition activity of Chinese and foreign auto industry and related industries in China and an important platform to guide auto consumption and industrial development. So far, Beijing auto show has been at the forefront of the global auto show in terms of the number of participating brands, the quality of participating cars, the number of global first cars, the number of concept cars, the number of visitors, the number of media journalists, the depth and breadth of media reports, and the attention of all sectors of society.
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